Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Children's Garden

We are so excited to be developing a Children's Garden this season that will continually evolve for years to come.  We're starting out this year by building it in a 50'x50' space in the field and it consists of several raised beds.  The intention is for it to grow whimsical and funky and change over time with the many hands that will be tending the beds and soil.  So much learning and so much fun and expression will take place here, it's all very exciting!

We've purchased seeds for the Children's Garden (CG) that are fun and different such as fuzzy tomatoes, mini chocolate bell peppers, Tom's Thumb peas, and so forth.  The first plantings in the garden will take place at our Spring Celebration on May 5th.  This is a party that is hosted by both SEEDS Farm and Laughing Loon Farm where we will give farm tours, eat good food, meet neighbors and friends, and get the Children's Garden started!

We will be connecting with a 3rd grade classroom from Greenvale Elementary School that will aid in the CG.  First the SEEDS Farm Manager, Monica, and two of the spring interns, Lara & Gabe, will be teaching a lesson about the importance of compost at the school and then a week or so later the students will take a field trip to the farm to plant seeds and transplants in the CG (with the help of some compost, of course!).  SEEDS Farm will also be working with Bridgewater Elementary students who are part of their summer program throughout the season in the CG.

Oh, and of course all of our lovely Community Farmers who have kid's will be working in the CG every single week!  It is so neat to offer their kids the opportunity to take ownership over a piece of the farm.

The Children's Garden would not be possible without the help of one of our very dedicated volunteers, Daron.  He is out in the field several days a week offering his expertise (& tools!) to the venture.  Wow, are we thankful for him!

We hope to see you out at the farm soon, and bring your kids!... SEEDS Farm has the perfect spot for them to dig in the dirt~

The beginning phases of the SEEDS Farm Children's Garden

 Bountiful basil in the greenhouse

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