Monday, July 18, 2011

Seed Saver Pictures

The beautiful restored barn

Campsite where conference goers stayed the weekend-a very fun atmosphere

6 am sunshine!

Some of the isolation tents I talked of. These tents are over the insect pollinated crops, such as squash. Once the flowers have emerged, SSE workers will introduce bees to pollinate them! This ensures that the fruit (and more importantly, the seeds) that result is a 'purebred,' a carbon copy of it's parents.

Will Bonsal demonstrating dry seed saving. After he thrashed (walked on) the spinich seeds to separate the seed from the thrash, he slowly trickled it in front of this fan so that the debris would fly away and the seed would fall into his bucket.

This garden is behind the visitor center. This market garden has a few of each variety of seed SSE sells. It is immacuately tended to and perhaps the most beautiful garden I have seen! Not a weed. Impressive

These are Hollycock flowers, a beautiful tall flower that used to always indicate the lcoation of an outhouse. Nice juxtaposition, right?

Mingling about before a keynot speaker

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