Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The barn where the straw is stored. We've made a dent in the bales! We are almost done mulching

Kara's first tractor ride

Yesterday we planted the flower garden. The flowers were donated by Green House Growers up in Prior Lake. We planted flower seeds in between, but we're not telling you what is what! It will be a random diverse surprise of color when the come up!

Where are your work clothes?

The goats had a full day of following us while we were weeding. They are inseperable

The Rural Enterprise Center making progress

The goats liked our snacks as much as we did! We let them roam free when we're out there. They behave most of the time...

Who could resist these guys? They eat the weeds exclusively. Quite handy
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  1. Rebecca, do you have work for me to do in the morning- Fri morning? ann Richards