Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mulch and New Construction

This morning when we started it was actually cold-can you believe that. We pulled some weeds in the potatoes then went over to the farm next door where are straw from last year is stored to pick up some bales. We spent the rest of they day mulching the solenacias. We are on top of those weeds- so a thick coating of straw will suppress the future weeds for the rest of the season. No weeding if done correctly! The brassicas are a different story-they will take cardboard to suppress the weeds that have already grown before they can be mulched. We have also decided to irrigate the brassicas before we cover them with mulch.

The agripreneure training center started building today! It was fun watching it start to take shape, like watching tv in real time. A lot of people came to start construction, very busy day out at the farm.

The strawberries are coming in. Yesterday I noticed a few, today I ate them by the handfuls....but the only way you get to taste them is if you come out to the farm! They sure are good......yum yum yum.

Task for tonight: continue mulching solenacias, stake the tomatoes, irrigate brassicas, play with goats.

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