Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pictures finally

The rain this weekend has helped our transplants and newly planted seeds quite well! I (Becca) have been gone from the farm only 48 hours but so much has changed already. Here are a few pics of recent endeavors:

Goats milk and sweet strawberries! What a dynamic duo. Tonight I plan to make a milk shake and I can't wait. Feel free to help yourself to strawberries out at the farm when you're out there. New ones are ripening every day. And if you are ever interested in helping milk the goats, let us know. It sure is fun.

The immense amount of land under cultivation calls for diverse weeding strategies. One way to reduce time weeding is to suppress them with straw. This came from the farm last year and will eventually cover the solenacias and brassicas. It's a time investment to put it out now, but we'll be thanking ourselves later. When we spread it, we must make sure it's on thick enough so the weeds can't find too much sunlight.

Early Friday morning we decided to raid the downtown cardboard recycling box. One huge trailer load later, this is how far we got. We decided it was not worth our time to 'cardboard' everything and decided to weed thoroughly before we put down the straw instead.
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