Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hot Hot Hot

What a hot and windy day today! We started the day at 6:15 to beat the heat-and are glad we did. It was pleasant then. We started planting the winter squash in the newly tilled area closest to the old chicken coop, then prepared the bed for the last bed of carrots and parsnips by broadforking. These crops are the only crops we broadfork at SEEDS and we do it because it loosens the soil so the roots can penetrate deeper. It's hard work, I"m glad we don't do it for the whole farm, but with our experience last year, it sure paid off. We had a bed of carrots that were and a bed that were not broadforked, the bed that had been broadforked produced carrots far superior. By finishing up the carrots, we completed the planting of the first and second blocks! We then repaired some of the hog fencing to welcome the goats soon, and ordered some more seeds before siesta time.

We found some potato bugs-we killed about 20 of them as we walked through the potato patch plant by plant searching for them. We even caught one in the act of laying eggs! We are researching an idea where we flame the plant while it is still young-thus killing the bugs and larvae... and scorching the plant. But with it's young age, the plant can bounce back. We'll keep you updated.

Monica made a trip up to the irrigation supply store today to get the last parts for the irrigation. If anyone is ambitious and would like to help install the irrigation for the greens, herbs and flowers tonight, e-mail us at seedsfarm@gmail.com and we'll come out and show you how.

We'll post some pictures soon.

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